Site Assessments and Characterizations (Phase II)

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• If there is an indication of contamination, site assessment and characterization studies are conducted to define the vertical and lateral extent of the problem, identify the types and concentrations of the contaminants, and describe the geology/hydrogeology of the site.

• Rapid initiation of the site assessment will result in early definition of the contaminant plume; enable immediate actions to prevent the spread of contamination, and in the long run, save money.

• Drilling activities are conducted by using a select group of experienced, licensed environmental drillers who have substantial insurance coverage.  Should a positive indication of contamination be found to extend to the groundwater table, monitoring wells are installed and water samples collected.

• The Company uses only state certified laboratories for analysis of soil and groundwater samples.  Careful selection of the appropriate laboratory methods can result in substantial savings in overall project costs.  For all field work, high quality equipment and supplies are used to ensure accurate, dependable data.  For example, measurements, often critical, are made to within 0.01 foot when surveying well top elevations. © 2013
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