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•  Founded in 1991 by Erik Block, a geologist, Block Environmental has developed the scientific expertise and field experience to navigate their clients through complicated environmental and governmental administrative challenges.  The Company has provided environmental solutions to some of the nation’s largest corporations and small businesses.  Land owners with contaminated properties have come to the Company to resolve their environmental problems so their property can be sold.

•  Unlike the construction industry with its frequent inspections, the environmental industry is more loosely regulated with very little field inspection. States and counties rely upon the certification and integrity of consultants to provide quality work. Consequently, there are numerous instances where projects go awry.  At Block Environmental, all project managers have a degree in geology from a recognized university and the specific environmental training necessary for quality work.

•  We represent your interest in front of regulatory agencies to assure that activities on your properties are compliant. Through long experience, working with local and regional regulatory agencies, we secure timely work permits that allow your projects to proceed smoothly to completion.  The Company processes all reports and documentation required, keeping you fully informed while we take care of all administrative matters associated with your projects.

•  We have long experience with reliable subcontractors who provide excellent work at the best job rates.

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