Preliminary Site Assessments (Phase I)

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•  Buyers of commercial and industrial properties, during the due diligence period, should assure themselves and their lenders that the property they are about to purchase is free from an existing, past, or potential release of hazardous substances. Cleanup costs of a contaminated property can increase the cost of acquisition to an unacceptable amount.

• In relation to property costs, an environmental investigation represents a minimal expense. Should the investigation reveal suspected contamination, the buyer has the option of negotiating a lower price, requiring the seller to resolve the problem, or moving on to make an offer on another property.

• Therefore, it is wise to conduct a Preliminary Site Assessment, commonly called Phase I, prior to consummating a contract to purchase. These studies are used to satisfy one of the requirements for innocent landowner defense as defined in the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).

• Block determines the historical use of a property by conducting title searches, reviewing documents showing tenant history, reviewing historical aerial photographs of the site, querying regulatory agency file records including municipal building and planning departments, fire and environmental regulatory departments.  A database search is also conducted to identify hazardous waste generators, treatment, and spill sites in the surrounding area. © 2013
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