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When there is reason to believe that a site has some contamination, through the Phase I or other sources, it is reasonable to proceed with the development of the site and obtain an assessment of the extent of the contamination and a rough estimate of what it would cost to remediate the site to safe and usable condition.  Sampling is taken at the surface and below the surface.

Toxic substances released into the soil will, over time, migrate downwards toward the ground water.  The ground water, most always moving, will transport the contamination onto adjacent properties.  As the plume moves, liability increases.

Borings are drilled, samples are taken and analyzed, and the results plotted horizontally and vertically on maps and cross sections.  With the plume defined, remediation can be designed to clean up the site.  Experience is important in this phase of the work as the geology of southern California is complicated and greatly varies from site to site. Judicious use of drilling equipment can save the client significant costs when drilling bore holes and monitoring wells. © 2013
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