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Block Environmental has extensive experience in recovery systems used in southern California. For small areas of contamination, excavation is fast and can be accomplished at reasonable costs.  Clean fill is brought in, compacted and the job is complete.  For large areas, other methods must be use for excavation costs would be prohibitive.

There are circumstances when regulatory agencies will permit land use without remediation if there is no threat to other properties or public health. Usually, situations where the contamination is near the surface and will be paved over to be used as a parking lot, for example, will be considered for waiver.

Erik Block was appointed by the EPA to the committee to develop the new “All Appropriate Inquiry” that will affect all commercial real estate transactions in the United States.

Usually, property can be used and construction started while remediation is in operation.  The Company is proficient in the following techniques and recovery systems.   

•  Vapor Extraction

•  Air Sparging

•  Soil Gas Investigations

•  Groundwater/Free Product Recovery (Pump and Treat)

•  Facility Decommissioning

•  Storm Water Pollution Prevention

•  Computer Modeling of Ground Water Systems

•  Industrial Effluent and Waste Stream Sampling and Characterization

•  Underground Storage Tank Pulls

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